9 March 2017

GW28 Top Five Key Players

Our headline pick may come as a surprise with Mané (9.5) in such scintillating form. But, it is Firmino (8.4) who comes into this fixture with the best averages across the last six home games and it would be wrong of us not to bring this to your attention. Firmino has averaged more points, goals, shots and shots on target than both Mané and Coutinho (8.2) during that period as you can see in the infographic below. In fact, Firmino has had more shots on target at home this season with 19, than Eriksen (8.6), 17, Alli (8.7), 17, Hazard (10.2), 15, Mané, 14 and De Bruyne (10.5) 13.

2 March 2017

GW27 Top Five Key Players

At this point of the season, Agüero (12.7), would typically set you back more than his starting price. Pep's often peculiar rotation has hampered both Agüero's form/returns and as a result he costs 0.3 less than he started. With a double-gameweek thrust upon us with little warning, Agüero is almost essential with Jesus (9.0) out injured. The Argentine has been attempting chances on goal more frequently (every 18.8 minutes) than all the heavy-hitters this season, who have respectively achieved; Ibrahimovic (11.5), 22.4, Kane (11.3), 29.4, Costa (10.7), 30.3, Lukaku (10.0), 34. His 136.4 minutes per goal also betters that of Costa, 138.1, and Ibrahimovic, 152

23 Feb. 2017

GW26 Top Five Key Players

Lukaku (9.9), the man, the myth, the troll! Yes, Romelu will sting you from time to time with a run of blanks, but he is nothing short of consistent in respect to goals over a season. His numbers for a 23-year-old are exemplary having already scored 76 Premier League goals from just 173 appearances. He is our headline pick for gameweek 26 and it does not make sense to be looking anywhere else, right about now. The numbers stack up so we can only hope he does not have one of his unfathomable blanks against one of the most destitute sides in the league on current form. On to the numbers...

9 Feb. 2017

GW25 Top Five Key Players

Sigurdsson (7.4) moves from one of our differential picks earlier in the season, to headliner for gameweek 25. The Icelander is predicted to be one of the top scoring midfielders in gameweek 25 according to our Fix algorithm. He has had more shots on target than any other midfielder at home this season and there is not a single midfielder across the game who has contributed to as many goals as Gylfi, 15, eight goals and seven assists. If we analyse his numbers more closely we also see that he has been involved with more goals for his team, 53.6%, than FPL’s most expensive midfielder Sánchez (11.8) who has contributed to 45.1%.

29 Jan. 2017

GW23 & GW24 Top Five Key Players

Alli (8.8) is our chosen headline pick for gameweeks 23 and 24 after landing several power punches his late namesake would be proud of. The baby faced Englishman has amassed a stupendous 65 points in his last six gameweeks. Understandably, our Fix algorithm predicts that Dele will be the highest scoring midfielder in the next two gameweeks. It is eight goals and one assist that have propelled him to the barmy average of 10.8 points a game over the last six, and those numbers can't be rivalled by any other midfielder or striker. The consistently strong, Sánchez (11.9), only has three goals and two assists in that time.

19 Jan. 2017

GW22 Top Five Key Players

This week's Headline pick, Hazard (10.4), was handed the responsibility of leading the line against Leicester in gameweek 21, after our Chinese friends whispered something irresistible into Diego's ears containing a lot of digits. With that in mind, Eden could become a more attractive out-of-position proposition if Costa-gate is not resolved quickly. Fix algorithm is projecting a score of 7.2 for Hazard, which places him amongst the top of the midfielder pile for gameweek 22. Hazard has averaged more points and scored more goals at home than Eriksen (8.7), Alli (8.7), Firmino (8.4) and Lallana (7.7)

13 Jan. 2017

GW21 Top Five Key Players

Giroud (8.6) is our headline pick for gameweek 21, having looked like one of only a few Arsenal players to be giving 100% in recent fixtures. His time spent on the sidelines also means he is fresh, and with three goals and two assists from the last three gameweeks we expect him to be one of the top-performers in gameweek 21, which sees Arsenal against a Swansea side that are on a terrible run. When on the pitch, Giroud has had a hand in 75% of Arsenal's goals this season and is currently averaging a goal every 84.3 minutes.

29 Dec. 2016

GW19 and GW20 Top Five Key Players

Costa (10.7) is our headline pick for both gameweek 19 and 20, with Fix algorithms forecasting a strong performance from the adopted Spanish international over the next two quick-fire gameweeks. While he isn't predicted to score as high as other players, he is the only FPL star performer that has benefited from a vital rest in gameweek 18, after picking up his fifth yellow of the campaign. With Chelsea also having the longest rest between gameweeks 18, 19 and 20, we expect Costa and Chelsea's performance to benefit further. And if the boys in blue are on song, be sure to see Costa score well. He has directly contributed to 54.5% of Chelsea's goals this season, bettering Ibrahimovic (11.6), who appears to be the only one scoring for United at the minute, with 53.8% involvement.

23 Dec. 2016

GW18 Top Five Key Players

Sánchez (11.8) is in the form of his life this season and is projected to score the most points of any player according to Fix algorithms. It's absolutely no coincidence that his new position leading the line has tied in with improved attacking returns. Pundits, Gooners and oddly even Arsène himself have referred to his industrious and energetic style being best suited to a no. 9 role before this season, so we are encouraged to see him in said position week-in week-out, this year. The Chilean has scored six goals and assisted three times in the last six gameweeks, which has resulted in points that classified "Strikers" haven't even mustered.

13 Dec. 2016

GW16 and GW17 Top Five Key Players

With two games in quick succession we have carefully picked five players that should sail over the rotation wave and play twice in the next seven days. Up first is our Fantasy Football Fix Headliner for gameweek 16 and 17, Harry Kane (11.3). This is becoming a bit of a common position for Kane, having featured as our star-pick three times. However, on each of his last two occasions as our "captain material" he hasn't failed, delivering 13 points on both occasions.

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