Login and Registration

How do I register to use your site?

Simple, just enter your FPL email and password on the home page, and this will complete your registration. Once you are registered you will receive a welcome email.

How do I import my Fantasy Premier League squad?

By registering, your FPL squad will automatically upload.

What if I don’t want to disclose my FPL email and/or password?

Please click here to register for Fantasy Football Fix without entering your FPL email or password. You can then import your team using your FPL ID only.

How do I change my email address?

Please go to your email settings by clicking here. You can then change your email and save it. If you have a membership this will transfer over to your new email.

I am having problems logging in, what should I do?

If you are logging in to use the preseason area, http://www.fantasyfootballfix.com/preseason/login/, your username and password can be anything you wish. If you wish to upload your team using your FPL username and password (using the login on the Fantasy Football Fix homepage), the credentials on our system need to match FPL. If they are different, you can use the reset password link http://www.fantasyfootballfix.com/accounts/password/reset. Please ensure the password you enter is the same as your FPL password. If you are logging in using your FPL ID, your username and password can again be anything you wish.

If you have previously logged in to Fantasy Football Fix or the app, and you have changed your FPL password, please reset your Fantasy Football Fix password to match FPL using the reset password link http://www.fantasyfootballfix.com/accounts/password/reset.

Can I login via Facebook?

Unfortunately we do not have Facebook login integration yet.

Do you keep any FPL email or password data?

By uploading your FPL squad into our site, you are registering as a new user. We will store the email address on our database. All password data is held securely, and is encrypted using the most upto date hash and salt algorithm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_(cryptography)) so no password data is stored on our server in plain text. This is why you will need to re-enter your password when updating your team, as we cannot access your password. On the Fantasy Football Fix app, you will have the option of saving your password locally on your device only.

Do you share your user information with any other sites?

No, all our information is held securely and encrypted, and is not shared.

Membership and Payment

Is your payment system secure?

Yes. Paying via PayPal will redirect to the secure PayPal page. Paying via Stripe will insert a secure iframe into our page. Your credit card details are never commmunicated to our server, only to Stripe directly using a secure connection.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

If you pay via Stripe please go to the premium payment page. You will see the 'cancel subscription' button on the page which will end your subscription. If you pay via PayPal please cancel by logging into your PayPal account.