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All our latest content including our Gameweek 9 FPL Tips

GW9 Algorithm XI

Man. City (2.76) and Everton (3.75) are in the top three for Expected Goals Conceded (xGC) over the last four gameweeks which warrants the inclusion of Ederson, Dias and Keane in the GW9 Algorithm XI.

22 Oct. 2021

GW9 Top Three Captaincy Picks

Salah scored his seventh goal of the season in gameweek eight and over the last four gameweeks no midfielder has been more prolific than the Egyptian who has scored four goals.

21 Oct. 2021

GW8 Stats Review

Firmino tops the Custom Stats xFPL table for gameweek eight with a score of 12.8. The Brazilian scored from all three of his attempts, all of which were 'big chances' and also attempted three assists. B. Silva continues to go under the radar as an FPL option, the Portuguese posted similar numbers to Firmino with three shots in the box (SiB) and three attempted assists but just one of those shots was a 'big chance' which explains his slightly lower xFPL score of 11.3. Kane also showed glimpses of a return to form with an xFPL score of 8.6.

20 Oct. 2021

GW9 Fact or Fixtion

After blanks from Ronaldo and Lukaku, coupled with another world class display from Mo Salah, there are serious questions being asked about the “Threemium” game plan. But then, there always will be a lot of questions to be answered in the world of FPL! Is it time to sell Michail Antonio? If Lukaku blanks vs Norwich, do we have to sell? Is the Brentford double up is “essential”? Should Mo Salah be our permanent captain? Is Son fantastic value at £10.1m?

20 Oct. 2021

GW8 Elite XI Roundup

Fantasy Football Fix's new feature - Elite XI: Team Reveal tracks 11 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers with 74 Top-10k ranks between them. Every transfer move they make will be tracked and displayed. Real-time notifications can also be set up, so you get the latest moves direct to your device as and when they make future transfers, or simply change starting XI or captaincy. Learn from the very best, instantly.

19 Oct. 2021

GW8 Algorithm XI

Man. City (26) and Brighton (43) are in the top four for shots conceded this season as per our Stats Sandbox which makes Cancelo, Dias, Duffy and Sanchez great picks this week against favourable opposition.

15 Oct. 2021