11 May

Free Chrome Extension - Beta Testing

By Fantasy Football Fix ()

Fix have embarked on a new project and are looking for passionate Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers to help. As developing a Chrome Extension is new technology to us, we are looking for a range of users to Beta test the new tool and give constructive feedback. You can add it to Chrome here.


This is how your Points page will appear using the Chrome Extension

The idea behind the extension originated from us believing that the FPL website could offer so much more for its stat-loving users; especially those who want to know how their overall rank is in real time. However, once we got going with the development, in typical fix style, we started having a bit of fun and couldn’t stop ourselves from adding more and more data! Here’s what you’ll find on the Beta version of the Chrome Extension:

  • See your squad’s live rank and points update in real time.
  • Find out statistics for the average Gameweek points, fixtures played, percentage of captains played, transfers made, points hit taken and squad value.
  • Chip usage percentage for the Gameweek.
  • Statistics can be sourced by Overall, Near Me, Top 1K, Top 10k and Top 100k tiers.
  • See your player’s effective ownership (EO) and if they’re ‘Differential’ or ‘Rank Droppers’.
  • Check out how your individual player’s points impact your rank. As well as their effective points, the points you gain or lose against the average EO of a player near your overall rank.

You can add it to Chrome here.


You'll be able to see a range of new statistics on the FPL website.

As well as this, you will be able to sync your squad to without the need of entering your FPL email and password.

We also thought it would be fun to add a bit of competition, so we’ve included a Nemesis Team and our weekly Algorithm Team to your points page. The Nemesis Team is a squad made up of players with the highest effective ownership (EO) near your rank: players that you do not own, have benched or have not captained and they have an EO over 100%. These players will negatively impact your overall rank the most… They are your Nemeses! So, when we said ‘fun’, we actually meant striking fear into you every Gameweek! You can add it to Chrome here.


The Nemesis Team.

The tools don’t stop there either. We have loads more in the pipeline including: projected points, fixture analyser and price predictions, to name just a few. We’d also love to hear from you in what you would like to add in future updates. You can add it to Chrome here.

The Chrome Extension will be free for the rest of the season and we will be sending out a short survey after Gameweek 38 to see how all users have found the tool and asking for any suggestions. However, there is no obligation to complete this survey, so have fun FPL managers!

Fantasy Football Fix