17 May

Mané vs Díaz compared

By Fantasy Football Fix ()

With the injury to Salah, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers now have a Liverpool slot open in their team and in this blog the two midfield options Mané and Díaz are compared using the Fix Heatmaps feature over the last six gameweeks.


Díaz has outscored Mané 34 to 26 despite playing fewer minutes. The Colombia international has averaged 6.8 points per game to Mané's 5.2.


The Touchmaps for both players are quite similar. Mané has been playing a central role since the introduction of Díaz which is reflected in his touches coming in a more central area. Díaz' touches are primarily on the left wing but he has a tendency to cut inside and take plenty of shots from central positions as well.


The 'Average Defensive Radar' is quite close for both players but Díaz dominates the 'Average Attacking Radar' by a significant margin. The Colombian international wins out on every significant attacking metric and when on the pitch appears to be the better option.


A look at the underlying numbers backs up what was seen on the radars. Both players have scored the same number of goals (two) but Díaz has notched three assists to Mané's two. Liverpool’s latest attacking addition wins out for 'Expected Goals' (0.87 to 1.51), shots (12 to 16), shots on target (four to six), shots in the box (nine to 12) and 'Expected Assists' (0.89). They are tied for attempted assists (five) and 'big chances' created (one).

Both players are expected to feature in Liverpool's final game of the season against Wolves and on the basis of these numbers Díaz looks the better pick.

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